The ID Tags project is meant to be an experimental starting point for conversation, dialog, and personal reflections. We hope that you will consider creating your own ID tag for the images that sparked ideas for this first round of tagwriters.

The inaugural edition of ID Tags was inspired by I.D.: A Selection of Works in Honor of Otelia Cromwell, Class of 1900 on view in honor of Otelia Cromwell Day, an annual celebration in memory of the first African-American graduate of Smith College.

ID Tags is an ongoing series of supplemental labels for select artworks on view at the Smith College Museum of Art. The project aims to consider the artwork in terms of aspects of culture that form one’s identity, such as race, gender, sexuality, and economic status. The project brought a group of Smith faculty members, museum staff, and students together to select, discuss, and write about artworks in the collection taking race as a thematic focal point. In counterpoint to the anonymous authority of the traditional museum label, ID Tags are transparently rooted in the personal knowledge and experience of the writers, who are identified on the labels as well. It is our hope that such reflections will give voice to members of the Museum’s community and will enhance viewers’ experience through their consideration of how art can relate to our current understanding of our cultures and ourselves.

Join in the discussion by thinking about the images on the left. Reply to the ones that interest you and read what others have to say. Respond to as many questions as you wish, as often as you like. The Museum reserves the right to restrict or delete submissions containing hate speech, but otherwise will not restrict the flow of ideas.